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Gas Floor Fryer MKE-FG-160

Gas Floor Fryer MKE-FG-160

Gas Floor Fryer MKE-FG-160

The MKE-FG-160 is a high-performance fryer with a fast recovery. It can handle a large amount of fried food quickly and efficiently. It has three tubular heat-diffusion-system burners with 160,000 BTU total power.

  • 60 lb (34 L) capacity stainless steel fry pot.
  • Provided with a high limit control and safety valve.
  • Thermostat maintains a 200ºF to 400ºF temperature.
  • Thermostat control located behind the fryer door.
  • Two twin baskets with insulated handles.
  • Stainless steel top, front and backsplash.
  • Painted steel sides and chimney.
  • Galvanised steel tubular legs with adjustable bullet feet.


  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 20" x 30.8" x 48"
  • Capacity: 60 lb
  • Number of Tubes: 4
  • Power: 160,000 BTU per hour

Hourly Cooking Capacity


From raw to fried - 120 pounds
Blanched only - 150 pounds
From blanched to browned - 540 pounds

Chicken (2 lb)

Raw piece to fried - 150 pounds

Fish portion (1 oz)

210 pounds

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