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Snow Flake Ice Machine SM-SF-440

Snow Flake Ice Machine SM-SF-440


  • Model of ice: Snow flake
  • Production capacity: 200kg/24h 
  • Type of ice making: Middle spiral cooling roller
  • Refrigerant: R404A
  • Heat dissipation: Water cooling
  • Material: Water-soluble liquid
  • Material storage: Inner 3L
  • Material source: Extruded pump
  • Installation: Bar; Coffee Shop; Cookie Store; Snack; Hotel; etc.
  • Dimension: 300 x 611 x 680mm
  • Gross Weight: 70kg 
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 1.3kw/hour
  • Operation: I cup/rotation
  • Others: Ice making adjustable to avoid the connection of ice cube, easy to clean
  • Remark: Ice making capacity can be adjusted by the material


  • More sanitary by picking up with cup.
  • Inner side can be seen by visible window.
  • Open outlet makes it easy to dean.
  • Fatal malfunction can t>e prevented by simple operation and alarm function.
  • Material pollution can be avoided by material being put inside the storage vessel (patent).
  • Without ice bucket, no inconvenience despite narrow range of machine.
  • Ice put in cup evenly because cup can be rotated (patent).
  • Ice making continuously as result of non connection of ice cube, enjoy snow flake ice fully(patent).
  • No limit for installation in small space.
  • Machine can work during summer because of water cooling.

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