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Table Type Sealing Machine YF-989S

Table Type Sealing Machine YF-989S

Tabletop Sealing Machine YF-989S


  • Low-cost and high productivity, take-out and storefront model.
  • Suitable for many materials (PE, PP, paper, and easy tear film)
  • Leak-free sealing ensures safety, hygiene, and a good product image
  • Small production runs for optimal product testing
  • Automatic error code detection
  • Security door design for added safety
  • Automatic cup-jack, for different cup heights
  • New film rewinding design for quick removal
  • User-friendly and easy-to-operate microcomputer control
  • Microcomputer controlled system with mechanical interface


  • Machine size(mm): 350*360*610
  • Power(W): 110/220 (400W)
  • Weight(kg): 22
  • Capacity(pcs/hr): 450
  • cup size(mm): 95*95*180
  • Appearance: ABS + Baked painting


Used for sealing drinks, juices, jelly puddings, soy milk, frozen products, breakfast food, coffee, etc…

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