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Tiger Sushi Warmer JFM-390P/570P

Tiger Sushi Warmer JFM-390P/570P

Tiger 22/36-cup Sushi Warmer JFM-390P/570P


Non-electric 22/36 cup rice warmers will keep food warm through the retention of its own heat without using any electricity. The durable stainless steel body is easily stackable, making it perfect for catering or outdoor events.


  • Durable stainless steel body
  • Non-stick inner pan
  • Made in Japan


  • Capacity: 3.9L (22cups) / 5.7L (36cups)
  • Model:  JFM-390P/570P
  • Dimensions (in): W16.9 x D14.2 x H9.8 / W16.9 x D14.2 x H12.2
  • Dimensions (cm): W43 x D36 x H25 / W43 x D36 x H31
  • Electric Rating: Warm 42W / Warm 45W
  • Heat Retention: above 76°C (6 hours)
  • N.W. / G.W.: JFM390P-4.4 kg / 5.0 Kg, JFM570P-4.9 kg / 5.6 Kg
  • Color: Walnut

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