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Finishing® Systems for Banquets

Finishing® Systems for Banquets

Finishing® systems for banquets.Turning an event into a pleasurable occasion.

Regardless of whether it's 20, 100 or several thousands of meals, with Finishing® food is perfectly prepared without any stress and hectic rush. According to the number of guests, the plates are decorated cold and then stored cooled in mobile plate racks.

Just before the food is needed, the plates are prepared for service at the same time with Finishing®, without causing you stress or requiring additional staff.

(featuring: mobile plate racks, Thermocover and transport trolleys)

Model Number of plates
Model 61 20 plates
Model 101 32 plates
26 plates
Model 62 34 plates
Model 102 52 plates
42 plates
You will need a run-in rail.
Model Number of plates
Model 201 60 plates
50 plates
Model 202 120 plates
100 plates
84 plates

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