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Glass Round Lazy Susan

Glass Round Lazy Susan / Chinese Dinner Table Turntable


  • The turntable is made of tempered glass and has an extremely smooth surface that is easy to clean. The tempering process makes the glass very strong, with the anti-splinter, high-temperature resistance and high load-bearing.
  • The edge of the rotating service tray is very smooth after being polished many times. It will not scratch your hands when rotating, which is very safe. Therefore, you can safely place it on the countertop as an ornament.
  • Turn table adopts durable aluminum alloy two-way bearing, which is stable and quiet when spin. The heavier round base makes it difficult to roll over and has a stronger carrying capacity. The high-quality turntable makes sharing food has never been easier!
  • Please note: Please measure the size of your desktop before purchasing the lazy Susan. When the rotating tray is placed on the desktop, 30-40cm of space should be reserved on the side of the desktop.
  • You can choose glass table top only or glass table top with turntable bearing

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