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Chan Chi Kee Kitchen Slicer / Vegetable Cleaver - 陳枝記片刀

Chen Zhiji Kitchen Slicer / Vegetable Cleaver - 陳枝記片刀

陳枝記 累積數十年製刀經驗,歷史悠久,世界知名,自置廠房精心研製各款大小刀剪利器,每件製品均由專業技師用高品質鋼材鍛打而成,確保品質優良,鋒利耐用,符合專業廚師用家要求。

Chan Chi Kee is world renowned for producing exceptional Knives with a durable edge. Each knife is crafted by master knife-makers who've accumulated decades of experience in the art of knife making.  Every Knife is forged from high-quality steel to satisfy the most demanding Chef.

Model Weight Length Width Blade Length
CK1 530g 34.5cm 12.5cm 24cm
CK2 470g 34cm 12cm 23cm
CK3 450g 32.5cm 11.5cm 22.5cm

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