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Mobile Catering Accessories

Mobile Catering Accessories

Mobile catering accessories.Get the best cooking results every time, even on the go.

Catering kit

These accessories (supporting frame & stainless steel feet) are fixed under the appliance in place of the normal feet. The supporting bar along the side is both for protection and handling.

Model 61/101
Model 62/102 

Stand UG II Catering

14 pairs of supporting rails. Closed top and side panels, rear panel open, reinforced at the sides. Four stainless steel castors with Ø 7 ¾”. Must be used in conjunction with catering kit.

Model 61/101, Mobile (castors, brakes), W 46 ¾” I D 28 ½” I H 26 ⅜” 
Model 62/102, Mobile (castors, brakes), W 55 ⅝” I D 36 ¾” I H 26 ⅜” 

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