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Multi-functional Food Slicer HB-2UD

Multi-functional Food Slicer HB-2UD

Multi-functional Food Slicer HB-2UD


  • Smooth operation and low noise
  • Integrated automatic sharpening device, easy and convenient sharpening
  • Integrated knife guard, easy to clean, safe and sanitary
  • The clutch operation mode can be switched between manual and automatic operation
  • The blade has strong corrosion resistance and sharp edge
  • Multi slice function provides satisfactory cutting of -5°C frozen meat (It will vary, depending on thickness, quality and shape of the meat).


  • Dimensions(mm): W850 x D610 x H700
  • Dimensions(inch): W33.5 x D24 x H27.5
  • Weight: 72kg
  • Power supply: 110V / 60Hz / 1 Phase
  • Motor: 0.75Kw
  • Slice speed: 37slices/minute
  • Slice thickness: 0~16mm
  • Slice dimensions(mm): L460 x W220 x H130
  • Slice dimensions(inch): L18.1 x W8.7 x H5.1
  • Temperature for slicing: -1°C to -5°C
  • Blade diameter: 300mm dia.

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