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3-Door Steam Cabinet SM-3D-N

Newtop Stainless Steel 3-Door Steam Cabinet SM-3D-N

Newtop Gas Steam Cabinet have the features of environmental protection, energy saving, safety and reliable as well as easy to clean. Newtop steamers equipped with security system (hot flame extinguishing protection device) and are ideal cooking equipment for restaurants.

  • The steamer water tank and its components which contact with the vapor are all made of stainless steel. The automatically water filling system secure the water tank maintain on a reliable balance level. Water protection system prevents damage to the water tank. The water tank using φ1-1/2" ball valve for water drain out and the handle set in the front of the appliance for easy operating.
  • Patented invention of the water tank structure makes the steamer have a large heating supply, high thermal performance, and the amount of natural gas usage decreases 20% than other similar product.
  • Professional designed burner and water tank tube structure make the gas burned completely and reduce carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and other harmful substances. Fire flame distribution is evenly dispersed. Less burning noise.
  • Independent gas valves control different burners and adjust the main fire flame according to the need of heat during cooking. By opening or closing different gas valve, heat and steam come out differently, three functions including fast steaming, slow steaming and insulation. The steamer keeps pilot flame as usual fire.
  • Each steam cabinet layer is independent and heat evenly effectively improved the steam utilization.
  • Steam cabinet door has a special structure of the silicone, and the use of buckle locks ensures that the steam door is sealed with no steam leaked.
  • All Newtop Gas Steamers use only on non-combustible floors. Minimum clearance from combustible construction and non-combustible, 8" from side and 8" from back, commercial use only.


  • Internal combustion type environmental protection burner
  • Low noise <65dB(A)
  • Energy saving >25% of gas consumption
  • Carbon monoxide (exhaust gas) emissions <0.01%
  • Use 304# stainless steel, 1.5mm thick panel
  • Internal combustion type environmental protection burner, using American flameout protection safety switch
  • American-made electronic igniter with dry battery
  • Two sets of gas switches, 3 sections of firepower adjustment
  • with 4 layers of nets, you can put 4 basins
  • with hydraulic scale magnetized tube (hard water area must be equipped with softened water equipment)


Dimension(mm) 915 (L) x 880 (W) x 1900 (H)
Fuel feeder DN20
Into the water DN15
Go to the water DN40
Caloific value(KW) 56
Caloific value(B.T.U/h) 191000
Natural gas rated  pressure(pa) 2000
Net Weight(kg) 255
Gross Weight(kg) 295

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