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Stero Low Temp Door Type Dishwasher SD1-1

Stero Low Temp Door Type Dishwasher SD1-1

Stero - SD1-1 Dishwasher, door type, 29"W, straight or corner operation (field adjustable), low temp

Standard Features:

  • Door type
  • 1.7 gallons per rack
  • 37 racks per hour
  • Low temperature chemical sanitizing
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Field adjustable from straight to corner operation
  • Door cycle switch controls machine operation
  • Filling machine initially, auto fill after first cycle, fill time field adjustable
  • Solenoid operated positive seating drain valve – open and closed, no water waste
  • Chemical pumps included
  • Interchangeable upper and lower wash arms
  • 1 H.P. pump motor
  • Self-flushing stainless steel pump strainer, large scrap accumulator


  • Height: 69 inch
  • Length: 32.5 inch
  • Width: 29 inch
  • Depth: 32.5 inch

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